From the outset, we started these programs because of our love of the individual who can be misunderstood by society He/She tends to feel "pushed out" of other programs.  Their whole lives, they may feel hurt, lowly, stigmatized, and generally like outsiders. Therapeutic Residential Care Services Inc, was founded on the basis of therapeutic healing and vibrant interaction between clients, their loved ones, and the community. We believe there is a foreseen rehabilitation for every individual; no individual is "hopeless" or stagnant. Therefore, we provide all the resources available, to allow each individual to mature and grow in our atmosphere.  

Our environment is nonjudgmental, supportive, and free of negativity nor blaming.  We provide accommodations for every difference and help each individual find new mechanisms for integration and cooperation without losing sight of their individualism.  These tools are vital for psycho-social healing.  We educate each individual on potential coping strategies and help them test these new systems in their current environment.  Most importantly, the treatment provided is always client directed (because honestly, they know themselves best) and also allows for learning and practice without negative consequences.  

Holistic mental care analysis is established and achieved by a non-judgmental environment free of negativity and name blaming. Whether severe depression, chronic pain or bipolarism, we continue to thrive to find new mechanisms of integration and cooperation, vital tools for meaningful mental and psycho-social, emotional and spiritual healing.


Assisted living is another vital service we avidly provide for seniors and VA seniors alike. We understand the need of care that goes into providing much needed and essential assisted living services, elaborate three meals daily, proper housing and social interaction. We are clinically tuned under the leadership of our President to address various inappropriate behaviors, which can cause discomfort, uneasy feelings, fear, pain, isolation, hurt and lack of understanding for those behaviors when the system of the facility does not understand the underlying issues. 


Harmesh Kumar, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Dr. Kumar is a fulltime CA licensed Psychologist, R.C.F.E and A.R.F licensed who's been providing mental health patients psychological assessments, mentorship, rehabilitation programs/skills and therapeutic solutions for day to day living.
Victoria Blando
Director of Operations, TRCS 

Victoria Blando is an R.C.F.E licensed Director of Operations for all of our five facilities. She deals with logistical, financial and legal issues bringing security and transparancy to TRCS daily operations. Whenever she manages our operations, she certainly introduces much care to our residents. Whenever you're in Clovis and want to know more about our servives ask for her at Sierra Villa Home Residential.

Sabrina Kaur
Design Assistant, Lark Lane
Sabrina Kaur grew up seeing her parents taking care of vulnerable people in various facilities owned by them. Now she is a Facility Manager at Jeanne Paradise in Clovis, CA. She is also a full time student completing her pre-medical education as she is preparing to get into medical school. She is a dedicated design assistant whose input is essential in day to day operations. She helps us with patient integration and logistical support too.
Mayette Padua
Administrator, Jeanne Paradise

is a Licensed R.C.F.E facility in Clovis. She's a dedicated individual whose passion is to assist seniors in their day to day needs. Whenener you come visit Jeanne Paradise, she'd be glad to give you a tour.

Louie Bautista
House Manager, TRH, Concord:

Louie Bautista has many years of experience in serving adult and seniors in residential care facilities. He is very caring, nurturing with hands on experience in assisting residents with an extensive knowledge in physical and emotional care as a RN in the Philippines. He oversees operations at length at under the supervision of Dr. Kumar. His leadership has gained much praise as a talented team player to day to day operations. Whenever you're in Concord, come ask for Louie.

Kashmir Kumar
Admin. Assistant, Therapeutic Residential Home
Kashmir Kumar is known in the TRCS business world as the go-to person in the logistical support she provides especially for day to day operations at Therapeutic Residential Home.
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