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The Therapeutic Residential Services (TRS) Inc. has been providing residential care services; Independent, Assisted Living and Respite Care to seniors with or without dementia or adults wtih mental and developmental disabilitites thru our therapeutic residential care facilities in Contra Costa, Fresno, Sacramento and Tulare Counties. We work wtih each individual based on their needs or level of care they require along with their family members and other agencies involved in the care of those individuals. All the research has shown that when people with dementia and chronic illnesses are provided with best support systems then they can live a meaningful life. We offer loving and compassionate services through our dedicated and experienced staff, fostering adequate recovery, growth, and creating a meaning in life.


Our therapeutic residential care facilities offer a 24-7 care & supervision to promote behaviors that are conducive to community.



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Hours of Operation:








24 hour care-supervision

24 hour care-supervision

24 hour care-supervision

24 hour care-supervision

24 hour care-supervision

24 hour care-supervision

24 hour care-supervision

Our Philosophy


We develop certain habits, attitudes and behavior patterns in the course of our lives. Some of the social or emotional, and cultural programming serves us well and other(s) make our lives difficult.  We  provide an accepting environment in which consumer can be himself/herself and experience his/her usual ways of relating and accomplishing tasks at his or her own pace. S/he does not need to make punitive judgments toward his/her own behavior or that of others.  On the other hand, one can learn from every experience and develop new and more satisfying skills, which will bring success and happiness to oneself and the people with whom one relates.

The Mindset of Staff


  • People have inherent potential for ongoing growth and maturation.

  • That psychological pain, dysfunction or symptoms are making us aware that there is some arrest in our ability to be engaged and fulfilled in life.

  • That therapeutic wisdom and experience of our past generations demonstrate that the ingredients of creativity and growth are: encouragement, unconditional acceptance and therapeutic milieu in which one can freely re-experience him or her and learn new ways to deal with the pain and suffering, s/he has experienced in the past.


We are committed and dedicated to apply our knowledge and experience in reducing behavioral problems in order to create stability in the client’s living and working situations. The change in behavior that comes with improved interaction with others has a domino effect.  Enhanced psychosocial functioning brings happiness and well being to the client.  Families may feel confident that their loved one is content and is doing well. 

Friends and significant others will experience deeper and more satisfying relationships with the consumer.  Finally, the agencies that serve the consumer can remain focused on fostering the client’s independence.  Our involvement on the team offers the client an opportunity to realize his/her potential for long-term, satisfying relationships.

Corporate Structure


Dr. Harmesh Kumar is the President & CEO of Therapeutic Residential Care Services, Inc. TRCS has a dedicated team in Contra Costa, Fresno, Sacramento and Tulare County. The head corporate office is located in the City of Concord, CA.




Dr. Kumar is the President of the Therapeutic Residential Services Inc. and he was the cofounder and former president of the Hume Center. He is clinical supervisor of all staff providing consulting services. He has Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology and was a post-doctoral fellow in the clinical neuropsychology departments of St. Mary’s Hospital and San Francisco General Hospital. The staff has met all requirements for employment as specified in the personnel policy manual of the agency.  Dr. Harmesh Kumar has been fingerprinted using the live-scan method and his records are with the Department of Social Services. He runs two licensed Board and Care Homes in the City of Concord. Both of these homes are augmented by the Contra Costa County Mental Health.

Staff consists of post-doctoral, pre-doctoral, masters level professionals and under graduate level.  Staff obtains support for their quality work through several means.  They have weekly individual supervisory meetings with Dr. Kumar, a licensed psychologist.  Also, they meet for group supervision to maintain their clinical competency and other team working skills.  A consultation services seminar is held weekly in which staff assist one another in fine-tuning their consultation skills by discussing aspects of specific cases under clinical supervision of a licensed psychologist.  Lastly, Dr. Punia is a consulting psychiatrist who is available to assist with urgent psychiatric matters. 



From the beginning, this agency will emphasize diversity.  The staff is culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse and places a strong value upon learning from one another in that diversity.  This attitude translates to our clients creating an atmosphere in which the individual clients (consumers) are encouraged to express and explore the richness of their own traditions, while learning to be open to the traditions of others.



Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese & Italian.

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